FIFA 22 | 4-3-3 Best Custom Tactics/Instructions (Post Patch) - Gamer Tag Zero (2024)

Hey guys how’s it going, welcome back to another FIFA 22 guide, where today we are going to be doing another set of custom tactics. The formation today is going to be the 4-3-3.

I will demonstrate this formation with the help of my custom team in FUT. Read the full guide to know about the best set of custom tactics and player instructions for the 4-3-3 formation.

Best Custom Tactics & Player Instructions for 4-3-3 Formation in FIFA 22

Now this is the way that I have the team set up.

FIFA 22 | 4-3-3 Best Custom Tactics/Instructions (Post Patch) - Gamer Tag Zero (1)

Obviously it’s a pretty good team. Could be a lot better, but today we’re going to be checking out the 4-3-3 formation. A formation that I generally start my games in, because this is how my team sets up for chemistry reasons.

I have a set of tactics that I’ve been using for that and I wanted to give this formation a try. I didn’t want it to be boring just staying with the same ones all the time. Today we are in the 4-3-3 and these are the tactics that I am using at the moment for this formation.

4-3-3 Defensive Tactics

FIFA 22 | 4-3-3 Best Custom Tactics/Instructions (Post Patch) - Gamer Tag Zero (2)

Let’s start with the strategy behind this formation for the Defensive Style. We’re on Balance at the moment. Now you can use a Press in this formation. 4-3-3’s are good formations to press in. Definitely a press is becoming more popular in FIFA. Certainly in a lot of my champs games or rivals games this week that I’ve been playing, a lot more people have been using Press.

I’m not much for Press After Possession Loss. I’ll go for Pressure On Heavy Touch. I’ll say if you’re going to play with the press, I would recommend playing on this. I wouldn’t recommend the Constant or Possession Loss because they’re a little bit too aggressive and will leave you more exposed than anything else.

Defensive Width

For the Defensive Width, we’re going to be going on around about 45, a little bit narrower because I want to be a bit more compact defensively. I don’t mind giving up a little bit of width on the wings when I’m defending.


I want to be a little bit more compact in that midfield area For Depth. We’re going to be playing on around about 60. Again when it comes to 4-3-3 formations, because it’s quite attacking, you do want to try to play with a higher Depth if you can. In my opinion that works best.

When you play with a higher Depth in a 4-3-3, you get more out of it. If you play a lot deeper, if you’re someone who plays on like 40 or 45, I don’t think you get the best out of the 4-3-3.

In any version of the 4-3-3, the higher the depth that you play, the more effective that it will be for the offensive build-up play.

Offensive Strategy

We are going to be playing on Long Ball. This is the go-to when it comes to 4-3-3s. The way that this formation works very well. You think about the way that Liverpool plays. Liverpool plays this similar type of formation. Maybe you could argue it’s a four one five, with Firmino as a Center Forward, it’s still the same principle.

Long Ball works very very well, especially if you’ve got pace. You should be using Wingers of course. You’re gonna need to have some pace in the attacking positions: Left Wing, Right Wing & Striker.

Those guys will make those runs-in-behinds. Then the Chance Creation on Direct Passing will work very very well.

Because, think about it the way that Liverpool plays with those Wingers. Sadio Mane makes those darting runs inside the fullbacks’ and defenders’ area.

That allows you to obviously have a lot more chances created. It does mean that your midfield will open up slightly. You should accept it is going to be a little bit more open than some other formations.

Offensive Width

For the Offensive Width, this one is a little bit down for interpretation. There is a thought for playing on a narrow Offensive Width.

Because the wingers, if they have a narrower starting position, they’re going to be more involved in the game for chance creation, for goals and assists.

If you want your wingers involved, you’re going to have to play with a narrow width. However it is going to mean that your opponent is going to be able to play out of your Press a lot easier, because they’re always going to have the wings open.

If you go wider like 70-75 on your width, your wing is going to stretch your opponent’s team out. It’s going to be a lot more difficult for you to pass, because there’s going to be bigger spaces between your players.

Your midfield is going to be a lot more open. For me, in this formation, I’m going to go on around about 60. It is still going to allow us to have that compact midfield, and let our wingers to play as wingers.

Because I’d rather have my wingers create space opportunities for all the players in the team.

Player Instructions

Defensive Instructions

For the Instructions, of course the goalkeeper is going to be on Comes For Crosses and Sweeper Keeper in this formation.

As we’ve mentioned in previous guides, when there is width in front of a fullback, whether that be left-mid/right-mid or left-wing/right-wing, I always find that means that the defenders need to be on Stay Back While Attacking.

Because if there’s width in front of the fullback, I don’t think that then you need to risk your fullbacks going forward. You may have the compact solidarity of a back four, rather than having your fullbacks unnecessarily going forward potentially causing you harm.

In this instance we have the wingers and we’re gonna have the two left and right backs. You’re gonna have the left and right backs both on Stay Back While Attacking.

Midfield Instructions

For Kante in the midfield slot, pretty much the standard stuff. It’s going to be on Cut Passing Lanes. I’m also going to have him on Drop Between Defenders. I’ve been using this Drop Between Defenders for sometime now because it works best with a single CDM.

When you have formations like this that have a single CDM, I find the Drop Between Defenders works very well. Because it’s like, in a way, especially with the the back four that we have, it almost becomes a back five, which makes it a lot more difficult to break you down. You’re a lot more solid.

If you’re someone like me, you do like to occasionally drag players out of position. It’s okay if you drag Kante or an Alaba/Marquinhos, because then you’ll still have your back four. It’s okay to have to be able to pull players out if you’re someone that’s prone to doing that.

The Drop Between Defenders will work exceptionally well because you can drag Kante out of that back five. He can do all your pressing for you, because someone like Kante is obviously amazing.

Then you’ve still got your back four in position. You’re not pulling those defenders out of position. If you want to be good at defending, you need to not pull your actual defenders out of position.

Wingers Tactics

For the two outside midfielders, we’ve got Firmino and Pogba, both going to be on Balanced Attack, because I do want them to get forward but I also want them to get back to defend.

I am going to have them on Get Into The Box For Crosses. I’m going to get on to why. The reason why is because, we’re going to have the wingers also Get Into The Box For Crosses.

I think we’re going to have the wingers a lot more narrow in the way that we tell them to play. I just want to have more bodies going forward, more bodies getting into the box because we’ve got Kante, Mendy, Alaba, Marquinhos etc., we’ve got a lot of players back.

I can afford to send a couple more forward even if we do get countered a little bit. The fact that we have that back five with Kante dropping in, we can still pull someone out.

We’ve still got someone always going to be back to be able to stop those counter attacks. We still are gonna have five six players back. We should still be able to deal with any counter-attack.

We can afford these guys to go forward and join the attack, make it easier to score.

Forward Positions

For Bernardo Silva, the striking Bernardo Silva, often for me did get subbed off very very quickly because he wasn’t very good in that striking role. I tended to put Son in that striking role.

The ideal tactics here should be Stay Central and Getting Behind of course.

You want to be on Stay Central in my opinion, because we’ve already got wingers. We’ve already got plenty of width in this formation.

We don’t need the Striker drifting out to the left wing or to the right wing. You need to need to stay in the box, be that goal scorer for your team.

Then for the wingers with Son and Salah, both are going to be on Cut Inside. This is because we don’t have the full backs going forward. I want these guys drifting inside, getting more involved with Pogba. For me no Silva in the build up play.

We want those guys cutting inside, being part of the game. In terms of Getting In Behind, obviously if you’ve got fast players you want them to be Getting In Behind.

Then as we’ve explained, getting into the box: you want more players getting into the box, supporting the strikers to be able to score goals, because we’ve got plenty of players back defending.


That is it for my 4-3-3, a very good formation. I was very very surprised at this formation. It played very very well. Actually suited my play style quite well. I liked how it played.

It was very very good. Would I say it’s necessarily Meta, no, I probably wouldn’t say it’s Meta at all.

I actually really enjoyed the slow motion, thought it was very very nice, definitely a surprise. If you want to try this formation out do let me know down in the comment section how these worked for you, whether they worked well or didn’t work.

Well make sure you drop a comment if you are new to the site. As always, guys have an awesome day! I’m out. You can follow us on Twitter anddrop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on gaming guides.

We also have a YouTube channel where we upload the latest gaming content for PC and Android. Feel free to check that out at your own leisure. Got specific suggestions? You can submit them here. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

FIFA 22 | 4-3-3 Best Custom Tactics/Instructions (Post Patch) - Gamer Tag Zero (3)


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FIFA 22 | 4-3-3 Best Custom Tactics/Instructions (Post Patch) - Gamer Tag Zero (2024)


What is the best setting for tactics in FIFA 22? ›

Best FIFA 23 formations – Custom Tactics for FUT Champions

The best formation in FIFA 22 was comfortably 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow), and it's effective again in FIFA 23.

What is the best formation and custom tactics FIFA 22? ›

The most used formations in FIFA 22 are 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2 and the most popular, the 4-1-2-1-2 (2). This formation helps casual players play at a higher level. This 4-1-2-1-2 formation is narrow, which means that there are a lot of players in the middle of the pitch, making it very congested.

What tactics to put on for a 4-1-2-1-2 in FIFA 22? ›

The tactics for defense and offense

The width should be between 60 and 65, so you can compensate for the missing wingers. Depth, on the other hand, should be adjusted individually according to your preferences, depending on how offensive you want to be. For the offense, we also recommend the balanced style.

What are the most useful controls in FIFA 22? ›

  • Ground Pass/Header: Cross. Lob Pass/Cross/Header: Square. ...
  • Low Shot/Downward Header: L1 + R1 + Circle. Fake Shot: Circle then Cross + Direction. ...
  • Protect Ball: L2. ...
  • High Lob/High Cross: L1 + Square. ...
  • Flair Pass: L2 + Cross. ...
  • Pass and Go: L1 + Cross. ...
  • Move Player: Left Stick. ...
  • Stop Ball: R2 + no direction.

What is the strongest formation in FIFA 22? ›

Two strong FIFA 22 meta formation options you need to try

4-2-2-2 offers more robustness defensively, as you have two holding players sitting in front of your back four – but there's also width on offer, with the two CAMs drifting wide in order to build up attacks.

What is the 5 2 2 1 formation? ›

The 5-2-2-1 formation consists of five defenders, two defensive midfielders (or central midfielders), two attacking midfielders, and a lone striker. The five defenders are responsible for protecting the goal and preventing the opposition from creating chances.

What is the 4 2 3 1 formation? ›

What is a 4-2-3-1? The 4-2-3-1 formation operates with four lines. In defence, there is a back four consisting of two central defenders and two full-backs. Two deeper central midfielders operate ahead of the back line and are often referred to as a double pivot.

What is the easiest way to score in FIFA 22? ›

Finesse shots, also known as placed shots, were one of the best ways to score a goal in FIFA 22. When using a finesse shot, it is essential to always consider the player's strongest foot. In the box, two-bar power is often sufficient. Outside the box, you quickly tend to three-bar power.

How do you get green lines on FIFA 22? ›

FIFA 22 players will get a green link between two cards in Ultimate Team by having two of the following three traits:
  1. Same league.
  2. Same nation.
  3. Same Club.
Sep 24, 2021

Is 4-2-3-1 good in FIFA 22? ›

For the defensive style, we advise you to go for the balanced alignment, since the 4-2-3-1 is very well balanced defensively and doesn't need any extras. Accordingly, for the width, you should also go for a balanced value around 50.

What are the best tactics for a 4 1 3 2? ›

FIFA 23: Best 4-1-3-2 Tactics
  • Defence. ...
  • The fullbacks are given the instructions to stay back while attacking and overlap. ...
  • The central defensive midfielder is told to stay back while attacking and cover centre. ...
  • The wide midfielders are simply told to cut inside.
Jun 2, 2023

What is the most effective skill move in FIFA 22? ›

Due to its simplicity and effectiveness, the drag back is one of the most popular skill moves ever. To perform it, press the R1/RB button and simultaneously drag the left analog stick in the opposite direction of the running direction of the player with the ball.

What is the easiest team to manage in FIFA 22? ›

Les Parisiens are by far the easiest team to use in FIFA 22, and the perfect choice for gamers who want to play gods of the footballing world for a couple of seasons (until it gets too boring).

What are the top 5 skill moves in FIFA 22? ›

  • Bridge Skill: RB (Double Tap) ...
  • Feint Forward and Turn: Right Stick (Flick) Down (x2) ...
  • Ball Roll Left: Right Stick (Hold) Left. ...
  • Heel Flick: Right Stick Up/Down (Flick) ...
  • Ball Hop (while standing): LB (Hold) + Right Stick (Press) ...
  • Spin Left: RB (Hold) + Right Stick Counterclockwise.

What is the most op formation in FIFA? ›

1) 4321. The 4321 setup is arguably the most popular and overpowered formation in FIFA 23. It is a fan-favorite amongst casual and competitive players alike, helping gamers elevate their performance to the next level.

How to play FIFA 22 like a pro? ›

If you're jumping into FIFA 22 competitively for the first time, here is his advice to help you level up your performance:
  1. Prioritise time and motivation.
  2. Figure out what you like about FIFA22 and what you need to work on.
  3. Be strategic in your team selection.
  4. Set realistic goals.
Jan 24, 2022

What is the best defense formation in FIFA? ›

One of the most dominant formations over the past FIFA games is the 4-2-3-1 formation, and that is no different in FIFA 23. The formation provides a solid defense, mostly because of the two defensive midfielders.

How do you beat a 4-5-1 formation? ›

While it's important to always retain a degree of defensive solidity, one of the best ways to beat a 4-5-1 system is to pile lots of players into attacking areas, outnumbering the opposition back 4 and allowing plenty of scoring opportunities as a result.

How do you counter a 3-5-2 formation? ›

The best formation to counter the 3-5-2 is the 4-2-3-1. In the 4-2-3-1 formation, a team can match their 3-5-2 playing opponents in central midfield areas. They do this through the utilization of two central defensive midfielders and a central attacking midfielder.

Who plays a 5-3-2 formation? ›

The key players in the 5-3-2 formation are the wide players. Their primary task is to defend the flanks. They also give width to a team's attack by providing support in the final third. They are typically versatile players with high stamina and great engine.

What is a false 9? ›

Effectively, a false 9 is a centre-forward who is stationed high up the pitch but has the freedom to roam around and drop back into deeper positions to receive the ball and link up play. These players tend to operate primarily in central areas, somewhere between centre-forward and central attacking midfield.

What is the 4 1 2 1 2 formation? ›

An example of a five-numbered formation would be 4–1–2–1–2, where the midfield consists of a defensive midfielder, two central midfielders and an offensive midfielder; this is sometimes considered to be a kind of 4–4–2 (specifically a 4–4–2 diamond, referring to the lozenge shape formed by the four midfielders).

What is a 4-5-1 team formation? ›

A 4-5-1 formation in soccer is a highly popular formation that utilizes one striker up top, five midfielders with various roles depending on their position within the line, and four defensive players on the back line. This formation is highly prevalent amongst pro teams, particularly within Europe's major leagues.

What happens if score is 0 0 in FIFA 22? ›

If a referee signals a goal before the ball has passed wholly over the goal line , play is restarted with a dropped ball. The team scoring the greater number of goals is the winner. If both teams score no goals or an equal number of goals the match is drawn.

Can you get banned on FIFA for sniping? ›

Sniping too frequently has also been known to result in market bans for players. These are generally temporary to begin with but can be made permanent if players are determined to have sniped too frequently.

Can you get banned for sniping on FIFA 21? ›

Can you get banned for sniping on FIFA 21? You can get market banned for sniping. Haven't seen anyone's account get flagged for it..

How do you get exactly one chemistry point on each player? ›

For example, look at the three ways to earn one chemistry point. You need to have two players from the same club or league, or three players from the same nation. If you use three players that share all three criteria - meaning they all play for the same club, league, and nation - then this will fulfil all three.

Do green links make a difference? ›

Yellow means they're partially out of position, decreasing Player and Team Chemistry. Green means they're in their preferred position, increasing Player and Team Chemistry. Player Links - Indicated by the coloured lines between players, these will show up as either red, yellow, or green again.

Does player chemistry matter FIFA 22? ›

Yes it does matter but you can use a player here and there, preferably forwards and they won't perform as utter garbage as they will only lose 1-2 stats across the board if you have a 100 chemistry team around them. Hope this has helped you guys out!

Is 3-4-2-1 a good formation? ›

The 3-4-2-1 structure is excellent for teams who want to play out from the back, as the midfield double pivot is able to receive the ball from multiple central defenders before starting attacks and sending it wide to the wing-backs.

What is the 4-1-4-1 tactic on FIFA 23? ›

4141 is a very solid formation that has strength when pushing forward but can be also very hard to break down. It is suited to players who prefer to build up the play, rather than hitting the opponent quickly on a counter-attack.

What formation is best to beat 4-1-4-1? ›

One way to use your own attacking strengths to stop 4-1-4-1 from being effective is to target the opposition team's weakest defender, matching your best creative players up against them and thereby creating pressure that can help lead to chances and creative opportunities. Movement is also key.

What stats matter the most in FIFA 22? ›

However, the best center backs are determined by other stats. For example, agility, balance and strength are extremely important. This allows you to stand well against speedy attackers and win the ball when you're one-on-one. In addition, the speed of your defenders should be right.

Is 4 5 1 good in FIFA? ›

This is generally the most effective striker setup across a majority of tactics in FUT. Overall the 4-5-1 formation is an incredibly attacking tactic in Ultimate Team. It is ideal for players that wish to play on the front foot and play at a high tempo both on and off the ball.

Is a 3 back good in FIFA 22? ›

3-4-1-2 is not only an incredibly versatile formation, it also allows players to put a stop to opponents abusing overpowered finesse shots this year. If you have three strong centre backs, you're able to constantly use the R1/RB pressure to ensure players don't have time (or space) to crack off a long attempt on goal.

What is the 4-4-2 formation tactic? ›

What is a 4-4-2? The 4-4-2 is a formation in football that is made up of three distinct lines. The back line of four defenders comprises two centre-backs and two full-backs. Ahead of them, a midfield unit of four features two players in the middle and one on each side.

How to beat a 4-4-2? ›

Perhaps the best way to line up against 4-4-2 is by playing a 4-5-1 shape. This allows you to overrun the opposition midfield, while maintaining plenty of width both for attacking purposes and in order to stop wide midfielders from causing problems via counter-attacks.

What is the best difficulty setting for FIFA 22? ›

Impact and Breakdown
DifficultyAttacking IntelligenceReaction Speed
World Class75%80%
3 more rows

Do tactics matter in FIFA 22? ›

What are custom tactics in FIFA 22? When you go to your team sheet/team selection, you'll be able to choose your team, the formation, and assign different roles such as penalty kick taker. But changing your custom tactics dictates how your team will play.

What is the best defense formation in FIFA 22? ›

The 4-4-2 is the most balanced formation.

With 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and two forwards, this formation ensures perfect balance in every part of the field.

Does difficulty matter in FIFA 22? ›

In FIFA 22, the difficulty level of the players is determined individually. For example, if you play against a CPU team at the professional level, the exceptional players on that team will stand out from the rest of the team and behave as if they were playing at the next level up (world class).

What is the meta formation for FIFA 22? ›

Player instructions
  • Left-back: Overlap.
  • Right-back: Overlap.
  • CM: Cover Center.
  • LW & RW: Cut Inside.
  • CAM: Get into the box for crosses, Stay forward.
  • ST: Stay forward.
  • GK: Comes for crosses, Sweeper keeper.
May 17, 2022

Why is FIFA 22 so hard to defend? ›

Defending in FIFA 22 comes down to timing and anticipation. Relying on the AI to defend for you can result in disastrous scorelines. To defend in FIFA 22, you need to jockey your opponent.

Which team has the strongest defense in FIFA 22? ›

Morocco has the best defense at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

What is the strongest team in FIFA 22? ›

Best Club Teams

If you're looking to play with the most elite club on FIFA 22, look no further than PSG. What is this? The French giants are rated 88 ATK, 84 MID, 83 DEF with 86 OVR, the highest of any current team in the game. What is this?


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