Nick Saban's Married Daughter Accused Of Cheating, Leaked Pics Hit The Internet (2024)

Strap in, sit tight, cinch up those belts and hold on for dear life, because we've got drama brewing in the Saban family.

It doesn't involve Nick, though. Well, not directly. He does (allegedly, of course) make a cameo, though!

This little spat involves daughter Kristen Saban – an OutKick OG who's been living her best life since Nick stepped down in Tuscaloosa.

She's a pistol on social media, barks back at the haters with enough piss and vinegar to kill a horse (no clue what that means), and dabbles in a bachelorette party every now and again.

Speaking of social media and bachelor(ette)s … those two things are why we're here today! Kristen, it appears, has deleted her Twitter in the midst of a pretty harrowing tale from James McCoy Taylor – AKA a former contestant on The Bachelorette.

Like I said, strap in:

Kristen Saban and Nick Saban do some damage control, it appears

What a ride! What a way to start Hump Day here at OutKick.

Didn't think we'd be diving into cheating allegations involving Nick Saban's daughter, but here we are. That's why you always have to come to this blogging job with your virtual hard-hat on.

You never know where you're gonna end up, or what sort of shenanigans you'll run into along the way.

So, I didn't believe this until I saw Kristen delete her Twitter. Feel like that's sort of a dead giveaway that you f--ked up pretty good. Maybe she didn't. Maybe it's just coincidence.

But, maybe, she suddenly taking orders from someone blackmailing the Saban Clan and doing whatever the hell it takes to call off the dogs.

If you jump over to her still-active Instagram page, it appears Kristen ain't backing down:

Nick Saban's Married Daughter Accused Of Cheating, Leaked Pics Hit The Internet (1)

As for James … he's a pistol in his own right. Hell, maybe him and Kristen were meant to be.

He's a former Bachelorette contestant from someone named JoJo Flethcher's season back in 2016. He's since become a country music singer (I use that term lightly) and is a big Trump guy.

He was also arrested for DWI back in 2018 when officers found him taking a piss in the parking lot next to his truck, which also had an 18-year-old college female in it. True story.

According to the police report, Taylor planned to drive back to her dorm room but she "was not in any kind of condition to appraise the benefits and risks of the situation she was in."

But that's all in the past. The present is what we're here to talk about, and it's not looking great for James, Kristen, and, of course, Nick.

The truth is I did NOT know that when I flew there. I hope there are no more pictures posted because what’s the point now? (Nick apparently knows about these because she got a call from him on the way back to Birmingham and I could hear him PISSED. Which ngl as an Aggie made me chuckle a little bit when she told me it was about us and people taking pictures - but it also made me feel bad for her cuz she loves her dad that’s for sure and she was instantly sad).

Could you imagine being Kristen Saban and having to make that call to Nick? I'd be terrified.

I think I'd just ride out the lie as long possible and hope for the best. I'd risk divorce over having to tell Nick Saban … "There are pictures of me kissing a Bachelorette alum while he's wearing a shirt of you wearing a crown, and they're about to go viral because we're being blackmailed."

That's a tough conversation for anyone to have with their father. Rock and a hard place for Kristen Saban.

Anyway, I'm still not positive I believe James here, but, to his credit, he did "go the Eminem route" and get out ahead of the story. Whatever the hell that means.

Like Michael Scott once said, "alert the media, and you control the story."

PS: the comment section under that above post is insane. How about this one from Sierra Rooney?

Hey so - this ain’t it. Nothing you’re saying is true. This is quite the attention grab and if someone was being blackmailed, with all due respect, why would it be you? You mock the "level of celebrity" that she is calling her D at best yet you out her like this and feel you need to come clean? If you genuinely respected the Saban family and her privacy including a 4 year old boy which you know is inappropriate to drag into this - why would you laugh about it just because you’re an Aggie?

Along with that, why were you in Tuscaloosa that Friday before ADay? 2 weeks ago? You had no business being there and continuously stalked and provoked her (with multiple witnesses) and evidence and made her feel uncomfortable.

This is unfortunate. You’re lying to make a name for yourself as a forgotten bachelor contestant who "dated" another name bigger than you’ll ever be. And TMZ? This isn’t their game they have no problem revealing who they are so drop the burner phone ransom idk who this is act.

And, just for good measure, Sierra took to Twitter to defend Twitter-less Kristen as well. This time, she brought the receipts, while also pointing out that Kristen was en route to singlesville when this meet 'n greet happened a few months back:

Whew. A lot of twists and turns there. What a ride.

What say you to all of that, James?Today is apparently the deadline, so stay tuned.


Nick Saban's Married Daughter Accused Of Cheating, Leaked Pics Hit The Internet (2024)


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